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No Power? No Problem!


So your power is off and you can’t seem to get it working again? Never fear, Electrician to the Rescue is here! Your cicuit breaker trips for any number of reasons: overloaded circuits, faulty appliances or a faulty circuit breaker tripping to name a few. These are electrical problems which left unattended only get worse with time. You could try resetting the circuit breaker or fuse, but this is only a temporary fix, which doesn’t solve the underlying electrical issue that caused the power tripping.


So to make sure you avoid loss of power in your home in the future, we recommend you give us a call so we can find and fix that annoying electrical fault that caused your power trip once and for all! We are fully licensed and have over 25 years experience in the repairs and maintenance industry, and our lightning fast electrical rescue service means that we are always nearby and ready to rescue you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Don’t Try This At Home


Electrical wiring and circuits aren’t to be messed with – you should only ever trust a licensed to work on your electrical circuits, powerpoints, lighting and other electrical fittings. DIY electrical work can end in serious injures and even deaths. Even after you have finished working on it, bad wiring and unearthed wiring can put everyone in your home at risk. Not only is your safety put at great risk, but electrical systems are delicate, and even the smallest works, if not carried out by an experienced and licensed electrician, can cause problems throughout your entire electrical system, which may cost thousands to repair and restore. So call a licensed professional today on 1800 893 218, to keep you and your family safe, and your electrics working well.


Call The Most Trusted Electrician In Sydney


Your local Electrician to the Rescue will arrive on time with a utility belt (and van) filled with all of the tools he will need to save you from your power loss nightmare. Even better, we promise to provide an on the spot, fixed price quote, so you know exactly how you much your job will cost, with none of the worry you may have with other Sydney electricians continually pushing up the price of your job. Better still, you know that you are getting the best electrical service Sydney siders have ever seen, because we back all of our work with a 100% lifetime guarantee, so can enjoy peace of mind whilst we get your electrical problem fixed once and for all. Call Sydney’s favourite electrician 24/7 on 1800 893 218.


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Safety Switches

Safety Switches

Safety First: The Importance of Residual Current Devices


Safety switches are vital devices that every household needs to protect themselves from electrical accidents. A safety switch is a device that turns off the electricity whenever there is a fault detected. It is designed for the purpose of preventing damages that can occur from the result of electric shocks. Think of instances such as faulty appliances, or children playing with sockets, or even just lack of basic maintenance.


These are all examples of when residents can suffer from electrical shock and potentially affect houses by blowing up the switchboard, or damage the wiring. If you need to ensure the protection of your home and family from electrical accidents, check that you have a safety switch installed in your property as soon as you can.


There are different types that can be put in place, with each offering a different layer of protection. Safety switches can only be installed by a licensed electrician. If you are living in Sydney, and need assistance with installing or maintaining safety switches, call Electrician To The Rescue and we would be more than happy to help.


Safety Switches – A Must Have for Homes and Businesses


Safety switches are also known as Residual Current Devices (or ’RCDs’). The importance of the RCD has been ratified into NSW Workplaces legislation, where it is essential for all workplaces to install a safety switch for each powerpoint. This law was passed in February 2014 in order to protect employees of organisations from serious injury or electric shocks.


Electrical shocks can occur anytime, from a variety of problems. Reports indicate that a lot of causes can be traced back to faulty appliances in the household, which can trigger charge in electricity and therefore cause shocks when the appliance is mishandled. There have also been issues with children playing with power outlets, where their fascination outweighs their understanding of the danger that could arise. This is why that all residential properties in NSW require at least one RCD in the lighting and power circuits, to ensure a minimal level of protection.


Installing a safety switch prevents a whole host electrical problems relating to current and power surges. It is a multi-layered method of protection that could save your home from damage to your property and avoid your family being at risk of electrocution. Our electrician in Sydney is fully experienced at this type of service, and installation of safety switches is backed by a 100% lifetime labour warranty for your peace of mind.


We Can Install Your Safety Switch in a Flash!


A lot of houses and properties built prior to 1977 are highly unlikely to have had RCDs installed during their construction. That’s why there are still many households in Sydney that are unfamiliar with the need for RCDs and what type of device is best suited to install in their property.

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Ceiling Fan Electricians in Sydney


Are you looking for an electrician to install an exhaust or ceiling fan in your home? Then look no further: Electrician To The Rescue can rescue you today! Ceiling mounted fans are a great way to cool off during those long hot summers or when you need more warm air circulating around your home during freezing, wet winters. Ceiling mounted fans also offer other major benefits, especially for bathrooms and cooking areas, as they can remove excessive humidity and even cool the room as they extract warm air from the room.


Whichever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with ceiling fan and exhaust fan installation from the most trusted electrician Sydney has to offer: Electrician To The Rescue! We make fan installation look like a breeze!
You’ll be a ‘fan’ of our service!


You will be blown away by our quality of service and attention to detail with fans. Our electricians are specialists in maintaining, repairing and installing a variety of fans in any kind of property, big or small, old or new. We’ve worked on outdoor fans, exhaust fans, dual head fans, not to mention good old fashioned ceiling fans! There are a lot of different types of fan units in the market, and it’s important to know which one has the right features to work best in your home. Technicians from Electrician To The Rescue can help you with this process, where we assess various factors such as wiring, the height of the ceiling and sufficient access or wall support.


Why call Electrician To The Rescue to help with your electrical installation? Our tradesmen have been servicing residential and commercial jobs in Sydney for over 30 years! As fully accredited tradesmen, we’ve experienced all types of jobs in the process, so we can confidently provide you with the most cost effective and time saving solutions no matter what electrical fault you may be experiencing.


Our electricians are equipped with GPS tracking on our vehicles, so we know exactly how far the distance to our next job. Combine this with our proven, efficient coordination skills and we can guarantee on time appointments for all our customers, even offering same-day repair solutions for when you need us in a hurry!


At Electrician To The Rescue we have a fixed quote system, where the price we quote is the only amount you’ll ever have to pay with no hidden costs. This means no sudden fluctuations or unexpected surprises when you get the final bill. You can also rest easy knowing that all our services are back by a 100% workmanship guarantee.


Call the best electricians in Sydney has ever seen. You can phone us on 1800 893 218 and talk to our friendly staff, or contact us online by clicking here.

Ceiling Fans


Choosing the right fan style is important as each model may serve a different purpose. If you are supplying your own ceiling fan for a licensed electrician to install, take into account the size and the performance of the fan as well as the decor of the room. Our electricians have worked with all sorts of fans for residential use, and these range from chandelier fans, to industrial fans and even new energy efficient DC fans. For all your fan needs, Electrician To The Rescue can provide you with a range of solutions suited for your needs.


Exhaust Fans


For fans that operate within a ventilation system, our electricians can help you with maintenance and installation so the unit operates to its full capability. There are two types of exhaust fans, which include units which are ceiling mounted, which are exhaust fans wedged between the top ceiling and the living space, and ducted units, which are fans mounted in a remote location to extract heat from one or multiple locations.

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Did you know that there are around 11,000 house fires recorded in Australia every year? It is a minimum requirement that you have at least one smoke alarm installed per floor of your home. However the NSW Fire Brigade recommend that you also install them outside all sleeping areas and inside all bedrooms.


They may only be small, but that little disc on the ceiling could well save your life one day! They are designed not only to detect a fire, but ensure that they alert everyone in your home before the fire takes a hold, so that you and your family can call emergency services and make a safe escape.


There are two main types of smoke alarms that detect residential fires in different ways:


Ionisation smoke alarms – This type of smoke alarm can effectively “smell” the smoke from a fire, which makes them better at detecting fast flaming fires, however, they may be slower to detect slow burning fires.


Photoelectric – Effectively, this type of smoke alarm can “see” smoke before it bursts into flames. This makes them more effective detectors of slow burning or smouldering fires as they can detect smoke from a house fire earlier than Ionisation smoke detectors. If an electrical fire has started in the home (which are caused by appliances or overloaded circuits), these extra minutes can prove to be lifesaving because at this stage of the fire, air is still breathable and visbility may not be affected.


Smoke alarms save lives, so keep you and your family safe. Our Sydney based electricians install smoke alarms in a flash and can provide expert advice about smoke alarm safety, so call us today on 1800 893 218.


FULLY TRAINED IN ELECTRICAL SAFETY: For anything more serious than changing a light bulb, you must call a qualified electrician. That’s not just our opinion – it’s the law. As well as risking electrical injury or death, you could be fined up to $22,000 for illegal DIY electrical work as an individual. We don’t want that, so let our safety trained electrical experts rescue you from the dangers of electriciy. Call the most trusted electricians Sydney has to offer on 1800 893 218.